Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Oene and I'm from 1961.
I'm living in Veenendaal(UT) since 2006.
Before that I was living in Leeuwarden(FR).
I'm licensed since 1985 after many years of illegal CB and FM-broadcasting.
I think most of HAM-radio station over here in the Netherlands were starting
this way. After a couple of years with my D and then my C license I decided
I did like HF much more. But didn't had the time to learn CW and got back to CB.
A couple of years ago the License requirements changed and the C-license became
F(FULL) and I was permitted to use ALL HAM-frequencies, just like the A-licensed
before. This was the time I decided to return to the HAM-bands. So here I am.
I hope to meet you on one of the frequencies very soon and in the mean time I hope
you will enjoy your visite here. I would appreciate it when you sign my guestbook.

73 and 55 de PE1NBD, Oene.