Here a little history about my tower and antennas.
Before I moved to my new QTH I was using a 4 elements monoband ZX-yagi beam
and an Imax 2000 for 10/11 meter. After my move to Veenendaal I replaced all
and went for more HAM-bands(10, 15 and 20 mtr). The first thing to do was to find
out how to put my tower on my appartment(it has a flat roof and no way to place it
to a wall or in a garden. After surfing the WWW I found this.

It's a self-supporting system sold by GB-Towers in Brielle, the Netherlands.
For a link to them click on the HAMSHOP-button in the right menu.
Because I had so much to invest these days I decided to try making such a construction
by myself(with a little help from some people because I'm not a construction-man.
Surfing the WWW a little bit more and visiting some HAM-forums I met some
HAM-operators who did make a constuction like this too. With a little help and
collecting the required parts I started. After 1 week all parts were ready to put it together.
Here you can see some pictures from the construction.


I started with a PKW THF1E rotary dipole for 10/15/20 Mtr. and a Tonna 20811 for 2 Mtr.
After trying different beams, wire-antennas and a vertical for 10/15/20 Mtr. and for 2 Mtr. and
reading lots of reviews I decided to buy two new ones for HF. In March 2010 I ordered a Hygain
TH-3MK4 and a PKW MHF1E/40 rotary dipole for 40 Mtr. I like to put the antennas a little higher
above my roof because I think it's to close to it at this moment. But we are limited to a maximal
topheight of 5 Mtr. above the roof. So that it will be. On the picture below the Hygain and PKW antennas.


Sold the PKW rotary dipole because I couldn't get the SWR good at all and bought a 2 mtr beam(12JXX2)
and a GB Slooper which I'm using for the WARC-bands and 40 mtr. I'm very satisfied with these to antennas
so far. Only had to make a Choke balun to prevent RFI in my shack and a groundwire at the slooper antenna.
I will keep this setup for a while. Pics of the situation at this moment will follow soon.